This is my list of 101 pre-determined tasks to complete in 101 days. Since I am not usually a self-motivated kind of person, I'm hoping that this project will help me learn how to set and achieve goals, while still having lots of fun in the process. To find out more about the project, visit my home page.

Start Date: Monday, August 24, 2009.
Date: Monday, May 21, 2012.

All italicized items are currently in progress, and all bold items are completed.

School Related:

1. Practice at least 5 hours a week during the semester.
2. Play a solo in front of people, either in a recital or a concert.
3. Impress Dr. Barret at least once a year. (1/3)
4. Do all of my homework for every class for at least one semester.
5. Get an A in Ear Training at least once.
6. Get an A in Theory at least once.
7. Get an A on a paper at least once a year. (0/3)
8. Write a chorale.
9. Make a working reed without any help.
10. Think of 10 awesome marching band show ideas. (1/10)
11. Join a club or organization at school and actually go to the meetings.

12. Read at least one book per month for a year and write a review. (1/12)
13. Do a goodreads challenge and post my points, no matter how badly I do.
14. Read at least one of Shakespeare's plays all the way through.
15. Read 10 books on the Times Top 100 Books list and write reviews.(0/10)
16. Write 10 poems that I am proud of, and post them on my facebook/blog. (0/10)
17. Memorize five famous poems and be able to recite them. (0/5)
18. Make at least 5 pieces of art and post them on my facebook/blog. (0/5)
19. Watch Brokeback Mountain, Pulp Fiction, Donnie Darko, Rocky Horror, and Rent.(0/5)
20.Watch 10 movies on the Times Top 100 Movies list and write reviews. (0/10)
21. Watch the Best Picture winner each year during the 1001 days and write reviews. (0/3)
22. Watch at least 5 film series movies on campus and write reviews.(0/5)
23. See one play or musical each year and write a review of each. (0/3)
24. Go to an art museum.
25. Go to a natural history museum.

26. Cook at least 5 fantastic meals for 2 or more people and post the recipes here. (0/5)
27. Collect recipes from Grandma and Grandpa and make a recipe folder.
28. Bake cookies at least 5 times, with at least one being a new recipe. (0/5)
29. Learn to make sushi.
30. Cook at least one fantastic recipe from foodgawker, and post pictures.
31. Get Mom to teach me how to sew, and sew at least one garment that I can actually wear.
32. Learn Sign Language to at least a beginning class level.
33. Be able to identify every animal I see on campus.

Health and Body:
34. Lose at least 15 pounds and keep it off. (0/15)
35. Walk once a day for at least two weeks. (0/14)
36. Drink at least one bottle of water a day for a month each year. (0/3)
37. Drink only water and milk for two non-consecutive weeks a year. (0/6)
38. Eat breakfast every day for three non-consecutive weeks each year. (0/9)
39. Only eat healthy foods for two consecutive weeks each year. (0/6)
40. Brush my teeth every morning and night for a month.
41. Don't bite my nails for an entire day.
42. Stay clean-shaven for an entire week and wear only shorts or skirts that week, not jeans. (0/7)
43. Don't wear my hair in a ponytail for two whole weeks each year. (0/6)

Helping Others and the Earth:
44. Volunteer somewhere.
45. Give blood at least one more time.
46. Participate in a protest or demonstration, and post pictures if possible.
47. Write my congressman.
48. Get my voter registration address moved and vote in all congressional elections.
49. Write 3 letters or emails to someone I admire or look up to but have never met.
50. Attend a gay pride parade or event.
51. Donate money to a charity.
52. Donate clothes to charity.
53. Plant a tree.
54. Make a recycling box at my apartment and use it.
55. Go hiking or walking and clean up all the trash I see once each year. (0/3)
56. Surprise Skye with something nice 5 times. (1/5)
57. Take Skye out to dinner and pay for everything.
58. Hand make 5 birthday or Christmas cards. (0/5)
59. Leave a note or pressed flower in a library book at least 3 times. (0/3)
60. Leave poetry or quotes in a bathroom stall 10 times. (0/10)
61. Make 5 mix CDs and leave them in public places. (0/5)

Bucket List:

62. Get another tattoo.
63. Ride another roller coaster.
64. Ride a zip line.
65. Take a road trip.
66. Ride in a boat.
67. Catch a fish and release it.
68. Go white water rafting.
69. Go ice skating.
70. Go skiing or snowboarding and ride something harder than the bunny slope.
71. Go skinny dipping.
72. Kiss at midnight on New Years Eve.
73. Order something alcoholic at a restaurant.
74. Buy a lottery ticket.
75. Do a Chinese fire drill.

76. Go one week each year without buying anything (meal plan not included). (0/3)
77. Get a summer job and put money in a savings account to use during school.
78. Collect loose change for 1001 days and then cash it in and buy myself something.

79. Start a blog and post something at least once a week. (08/21/09)
80. Actually have people that read my blog.
81. Get a haircut from a professional.
82. Dance in the rain in public.
83. Fly a kite.
84. Make a funny motivational picture.
85. Swap a book with someone.
86. Go to a concert that isn't at the music school.
87. Have a fancy picnic.
88. Personal. (0/3)
89. Think up and wear one awesome Halloween costume pair for Skye and I.
90. Watch through Season 7 of 24, including the movie. (0/3)
91. Color an entire coloring book.
92. Send a message in a bottle.
93. Send at least one postcrossing postcard.
94. Get a penpal from another country and write at least 5 letters to him/her. (3/5)
95. Buy a piece of art that isn't a movie/band poster.
96. Buy or receive a high quality, well fitting bra.
97. Buy or receive a pair of "power panties."
98. Buy one thing from Whole Foods.
99. Watch a sunrise and a sunset in the same week.
100. Get good at one video game that isn't Pokemon or Fire Emblem.
101. Have a party, get-together, or movie night with my friends
8/22/2009 04:29:19 am

I can kinda help you with three... Depends on what books you have already read. I've also got a couple of good video games, but for the PS2 and the third one is a secret. :P

8/28/2009 07:11:31 am

I hopped over from your mom's site and read your posts. Does that fulfill #80 for you? Your challenge is a wonderful idea; good luck!


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