Task #11, join a school club, has been accomplished! Today I went to the first meeting of PRIDE, which is the Greensboro LGBTQ group, basically the equivalent of a gay-straight alliance group. It seems like it's going to be awesome! Everyone there is so nice, and they seem really excited about doing things on campus and having fun events. The first event is next Wednesday (Sept 2nd). We will be going to the Take Back the Night march, which is a march organized by multiple groups on campus to raise awareness of domestic violence and to stop violence on campus. The goal is to work towards a society where people (especially women) can walk alone at night without the fear of violence.
I encourage everyone to come out for this event. I think it's a cause we can all support.

In other, more personal news, my first couple days of classes have gone pretty well. My classes seem like they will be ok, even if my schedule sucks. I have been kind of sick recently. I think I might have gotten food poisoning from eating seafood at the Caf (never a good move). But, other than that, a fresh attack of carpel tunnel, and a few problems with getting my student loans, things have gone pretty smoothly here. I just hope they stay that way.

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