My last post was about prejudice and discrimination against LGBT individuals. This time, I'd like to talk about racism and sexism.

First, lets start with racism. Aside from all the racist protest signs at the health care events and the usual death threats on Obama, which have apparently been on the rise, I just recently heard some news that made my blood boil. A justice of the peace recently denied a marriage license to an interracial couple, supposedly because he was concerned for any children that might come out of the relationship, and because he feels that most interracial marriages "don't last long."

Now, on to sexism. But first, lets talk about rape.
Recently, Al Franken wrote a Bill that states that the government must withold contracts from companies that restric their employees from taking workplace sexual assault, battery, and discrimination cases to court. The bill was written in response to the case of Jamie Leigh Jones, which is described in this article on Feministe. This seems to me like the kind of bill that everyone should support. It would show that the government does not tolerate sexual abuse. So why did 30 Republican senators vote against the bill? Because one of the companies that has that policy is Haliburton, Dick Cheney's pet company, and their loyalty to their money is stronger than their concern for thier constituants. You can see Jon Stewart's segment on this bill here. You should note that John McCain is one of those 30 men. How on Earth did people vote for such a slimeball?

And now for some pretty extreme sexist and racist comments, we go to Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Honestly, Limbaugh makes me sick. I


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