Paperbackswap! 09/26/2009
I just ordered my first three books on paperbackswap!

I ordered The Dispossesed: An Ambiguous Utopia by Ursula K Le Guin, Never Let Me Go by Kazou Ishiguro, and Beloved by Toni Morrison. All of these books are on my Goodreads Challenge and are books that I would consider making a part of my permanent library.  I've been thinking about libraries recently. I have heard so many stories from my friends and from people on goodreads about how they found their first book love by searching through their parents' shelves. They go looking through the shelves and find stumble across something like Dune or Little Women or The Martian Chronicles, and then it just totally blows their minds and they go on to love reading for the rest of their lives.

So, how does this relate to me? I have been thinking about my library, and I realized that I don't have any of those mind blowing classics sitting around on my shelves. That kind of depresses me. I feel like I should be building my library up now, so that when I have my own place and someday have kids, I'll have that huge, imposing, exciting bokshelf that so many kids have tenatively explored. So, beginning with these few books, I'm officially starting my library.



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